Born in Queens, NY, during the reign of George Bush I, I grew up in northern New Jersey and studied philosophy at McGill University in Montreal. I spent my summers in college crisscrossing the United States by train; after graduating, I drove around the country for four months. In 2012, I interned for The Nation, and later joined the staff as editor and now writer. I have also published essays, articles, reviews, and stray musings in Slate, Salon, The Baffler, Raritan, The Boston Globe, and elsewhere. Oh, yes, and The Saul Bellow Journal.

I like covered bridges, peaches, walking, coffee, trains, finding the right music or book for the place I am traveling to. I dislike nuts and the Internet. "I never allow myself to be influenced in the smallest degree either by atmospheric disturbances or by the arbitrary divisions of what is known as Time." I am proud of having served as a page in the House of Representatives and of having appeared on Jeopardy. I live in Brooklyn, with my daughter and wife.